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Mark Brunell Returns to the New York Jets

Mark Brunell announced on his Twitter page that he is coming back to the Jets. The veteran was released Friday to clear up a bit of cap space.

Just resigned with Jets. Gettin ready for my 19th training camp. Here we go!

Now instead of being one hit away from starting Greg McElroy at quarterback, the Jets are one hit away from starting Mark Brunell at quarterback. That does not sound much better, does it? I would say that at least we know Brunell will not be fazed by any situation, but McElroy started in and won a National Championship Game in college at the University of Alabama.

Brunell's most important role will be as a mentor to Mark Sanchez (and McElroy). He really will be like an extra coach, another pair of eyes to instruct and relate his experiences. The Jets surely do not want him to see the field in a snap of any significance.