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New York Jets and Plaxico Burress Agree to Contract

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Jets executive Matt Higgins tweets the news:

The and free agent WR Plaxico Burress have reached agreement in principle on a contract:

I guess the two sides did not even need that talked about visit.

This was obviously not my preferred route. In fact, it was probably my least preferred route for the team to go. I can only hope the Jets have really studied the matter, worked him out, and come to the conclusion that Plax can become the player he once was. If he can, he will be a great replacement for Braylon Edwards and a good compliment to Santonio Holmes. We also must hope he can pick up a new playbook quickly.

This probably spells the end of Braylon Edwards' run with the team. Now maybe the Jets can allocate money saved that might have been spent on him in other areas and build a more complete team.