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Plaxico Burress Not Visiting Florham Park Sunday

Manish Mehta has the scoop on Twitter:

A person familiar with the situation says that Plaxico Burress will not be at Jets facility on Sunday.

This conflicts with earlier reports that indicated a meeting could be in the making. One can only imagine the Jets are going to have to get a look at what Burress can still do by working him out before they are going to make any sort of offer to him.

I am sure the Jets would like to get their wide receiver position resolved sooner rather than later with training camp opening today and anybody they sign having a short time to learn the playbook and develop chemistry with Mark Sanchez. That is why I am a bit surprised there has not been any talk about Malcom Floyd as an option. He knows the playbook Brian Schottenheimer brought with him from San Diego. He played in it.