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New York Jets Trying to Land Todd Heap

The Jets are courting former Ravens tight end Todd Heap.

Ryan rolled out the red carpet for the veteran tight end by picking him up at Newark Liberty International Airport Saturday night, according to a source. Ryan grabbed Heap in a bear hug before driving off in a SUV. The News has learned that the Jets haven’t made an offer to the veteran tight end yet. A deal wasn’t imminent as of Saturday night.

This would be a very solid move. There is more than one way to replace Braylon Edwards' production. It does not necessarily need to be with just one guy. Heap would add a different dimension to the offense. You know how difficult of a matchup Dustin Keller is because he's bigger than most defensive backs and faster than most linebackers? Heap would give the Jets two guys like that to put on the field together.

You might be thinking of the New England Gronkowski-Hernandez duo. It is not a perfect match because neither Heap nor Keller are great run blockers. Neither is very big and both work hard for their size limitiations. Matthew Mulligan still might see a lot of time in that role. It is a similar concept, though.

Heap's biggest issue has been staying on the field, but I would dig this move. He still has something left in the tank.