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The No Name Option at Wide Receiver

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There are three wide receivers generating buzz as potential Jets targets to replace Braylon Edwards across from Santonio Holmes. Most people have heard of Randy Moss and Plaxico Burress. You might be less familiar with the third guy speculation surrounds, James Jones.

Jones has spent all five years of his NFL career in Green Bay. The now 27 year old San Jose State product set career highs with 50 receptions for 679 yards in 2010. Those numbers do not jump off the page, but remember, he played in the Green Bay offense with a lot of other good receivers where Aaron Rodgers spreads the ball around. Even though he only played in just over half the snaps, he was only behind Greg Jennings on the team in yardage and behind Jennings and Donald Driver (by 1) in receptions.

Jones has a lot of potential. He does not have blazing speed but it is adequate on deep routes. He is very physical and a dangerous runner after the catch. He has been inconsistent in his career because he has a ton of maddening drops on what should be easy receptions but uses his athleticism to make spectacular plays. This kind of thing makes me think the Jets will be interested him as a bargain guy. After the way he worked to eliminate the drops from Braylon Edwards' game, the team probably thinks it would be able to give Jones over to Henry Ellard to help him be more consistent.

I'm not the biggest fan of Jones in the world. He doesn't have the top notch speed on deep stuff or run crisp routes to get open underneath. He can be a playmaker once the ball is in his hands, though. I think he is starting material in the NFL even if he is never a star. I would not like him as my number one, but I think he would be a decent fallback option for the Jets if a few other things fell through at receiver and the price was right.