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Plaxico Burress Could Visit Florham Park Soon

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Cimini confirms the Jets have interest in Plaxico Burress and that a meeting could come soon.

A visit to their facility could happen within 24 hours, the source said.

One would presume this would be more than a wining and dining trip. This guy has not played football in close to three years. They need to work him out and see what kind of skills he has, right?

From what I know about the Jets, I would probably put it at better than even money that Plaxico will be a Jet by the time the weekend is up if all goes well. When the Jets go hard after somebody and show him around, they usually try to not let that person leave team facilities without a contract. I think a large part of the failure to land Nnamdi Asomugha is related to the team not being able to get him to Florham Park for a recruiting trip.