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Will Dwight Lowery Replace Brodney Pool?

Since the Jets are out of the Brodney Pool sweepstakes, one must guess where they go at safety. Eric Smith will likely be a big part of the mix. The team just signed him to a shiny new deal. A Jim Leonhard-Eric Smith safety combo might be the best in the league playing the run. It also might be the worst in the league against the pass.

There is another guy in the mix. His name is Dwight Lowery. Injuries forced Lowery to see a lot of time at safety near the end of the year. He probably does not have much of a future at cornerback with this team at least. The Jets just got Donald Strickland back. Assuming the team signs another guy to start at the position across from Darrelle Revis, Dwight is fifth on the depth chart.

At safety, Dwight did a pretty good job. He was a big play guy in coverage. He is mainly a cover safety, a guy at the position with corner skills who can diagnose things in front of him and jump routes. He was a big part of the team's Playoff success playing schemes that relied on coverage for success. The Jets frustrated three future Hall of Famers. You can't hide problems in the back against guys like that.

Starting Lowery with Leonhard would give the Jets probably the smallest safety duo in the league. I imagine Smith will see a lot of action on early drunning downs, but Lowery will be a big part of a rotation on passing downs.