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Could Plaxico Burress Help the New York Jets?

A writer out of Pittsburgh says the Jets are going to make a big move for Plaxico Burress. Since the Jets reportedly are not going to bring back Braylon Edwards, one can only imagine they view Plax as the guy to replace him.

I have expressed skepticism about Plaxico because he has not played a real game in almost three years. It takes time to get oneself back into football shape and regain muscle memory taking hits, running routes, and breaking jams. At 34 years old in a few weeks, he is at the age where most are in decline even when they are staying in football shape. Add on a shortened offseason workout routine to get back into playing condition and learning a new playbook, and my skepticism grows.

I will readily admit, though, that the Jets have more information than I do and will have the ability to work him out to see how much he still has left in the tank. Let me also say this. The player he used to be would be an absolutely perfect replacement for Braylon Edwards.  He's was a big, athletic downfield threat who forces a defense to account for him and can win balls in the air. I advocated signing him back in 2009 if he could have figured out a way to avoid jail, and the Jets needed a receiver.

If the Jets like what they see, he might end up as a cheaper version of Braylon. He reportedly has grown up as prison is a life changing experience. He probably will demand such a small contract that cutting him would not be an issue if he did not. I still think there would be a lot of risk getting him back to speed so my preference would be going in another direction. We will just have to see.