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New York Jets Bring Back Donald Strickland

San Diego cornerback Donald Strickland, who spent 2009 with the Jets is coming back to New York.

sign CB Donald Strickland to 1-year deal, per source. 'Strick' was rarely healthy in '09 w/team. I think he will contribute if healthy

That pretty much sums it up. The issue with Strickland is whether he can stay on the field. When he can, he is a pretty good nickel guy and somebody who has had some success in spot duty on the outside (like against the Jets for San Francisco in 2008).

This is your replacement for Drew Coleman as a guy to push Kyle Wilson, and he is a good one. If Wilson can emerge, Strickland is excellent depth at the fourth corner spot. If he is not, I think he is a better cover guy than Coleman.

People forget it, but I thought along with Shonn Greene getting hurt, one of the most pivotal moments in the 2009 AFC Championship Game in Indianapolis was Strickland leaving with an injury. Drew Coleman and Dwight Lowery proceeded to get toasted with him out.