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Flight Connections 07-03-11


LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson is a top ten NFL offensive tackle.

News Observer: Virginia's Ferguson at the front of the line.

Is S James Ihedigbo pranking or getting pranked?

New York Jets Over the Pond shares a tailgate interview.

You can vote for former Jets RB John Riggins as the greatest Redskin.

Mike Freeman: NFL's forgotten men take, and earned, center stage.

CBS New York presents a guide to the NFL and NBA lockouts.

Jets Twit reports on Gang Green's National Anthem Contest.


Let's look back to when football existed after the jump.

Sharing some old videos I've found on YouTube.  If you've got any of these old games lying around at home, you should really think about transferring them to DVD or Blu-Ray already.

Enjoy some great moments with former Jets WR Santana Moss:


Former Jets WR David Clowney:


Former Jets WR Keyshawn Johnson:


Former Jets WR Jonathan Carter:


Former Jets RB Thomas Jones:


And lastly, here are reasons why you should transfer your videotapes to DVD or Blu-Ray.