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What a Horrible Start to Free Agency

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The idea of Nnamdi using us, came to me like a migraine last night, and it's still hurting. As much as I hoped I was wrong, it's looking more and more like I was right. Nnamdi played us perfectly, and we lost out on a lot more than just him. In the process of putting all our eggs into the same Raider basket, we alienated some of our own players looking to come back. We preach playing like a Jet, where a player should give everything they have for the team. This Nnamdi project might have put out the idea that this was more of an obsession for Rex and Tanny, than a chance to better the team. Now here we are, hours after being embarrassed by Aso, with nothing to show for it but some upset players, and a roster that needs them.

What I say to all this turmoil is this... We are used to this position people. We spent the entire 2010 season on the edge of our seats, waiting for our boys to pull through with a win in the end. That is exactly what I am doing now. It's the 4th quarter, and it's Tone Time. Tanny and Rex will not be embarrassed a 2nd time, that is for sure. Hold on tight guys, it should be a wild finish.