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Cimini Speculates About a Move for Asante Samuel

Rich Cimini offers his take on where the Jets go from here on corners.

• Don't be surprised if the Jets try to pry away Asante Samuel from the Eagles, who now have three top corners. The Jets and Eagles have a good relationship, and they've been trading partners in the past (Lito Sheppard, anyone?), so it wouldn't be a shock if they start talking about Samuel.

You can read the article for his skepticism on Antonio Cromartie and Chris Carr manning the spot across from Darrelle Revis.

It is unclear whether the Eagles will put Samuel on the block, but he would not be a bad consolation prize. I think Samuel is overrated and probably not worth the contract he has. He would be a great number two corner, though. He has good ball skills, which would be important for a guy across from Revis, and allowed completions on only 45% of targets last year.

Will the Eagles really forsake the incredible cornerback depth they have, though? Cimini is only guessing.