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Brad Smith Has Kind Things to Say About New York Jets

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Brad Smith was pure class in talking about his former team with Michael Kay yesterday.

If it’s in any way tough for him to say goodbye to the Jets, the organization that drafted him in the fourth round of the ’06 Draft:

"Oh man, it is. It’s extremely bitter-sweet. I’m extremely excited about joining the Bills and their organization and their fans and Coach Gailey is a very stand-up guy and the Bills gave me a great opportunity, but at the same time the Jets have been so great to me. The fans, I just enjoy being here. Unfortunately it didn’t work out, but we’ll get to see each other two times a year."

And we enjoyed having you.

Brad also talked about how he thought Nnamdi Asomugha affected his status.

Did they show any interest in trying to re-sign him?

"Yeah, they definitely showed interest, but when it came down to actually making a hard offer, it was very difficult with the situation they’re in, all being contingent on other guys, if they could get other guys. So it was a very tough situation for them and for us, but I wish them the best."

I know people are making a big deal out of this, but is it really a big deal? Does anybody think Smith was ever going to be a priority? I mean would the Jets have really allowed Smith to walk away without an offer if the Jets really wanted to keep him? All offseason we have heard that Brad was low on the priority list. If Smith was willing to take a big discount, I am sure the team would have been interested. I think people are off, though, when they say this is a sign Nnamdi Asomugha is costing the team. It is more of a case that Smith just was not a priority.