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Is Nnamdi Using Us?

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I hate to be the one that spoils all the Nnamdi fun, but I think it's worth looking at. There is a perception out there that both the Jets and the Nnamdi camp want out there. That is that everyone wants to play for the Jets, and willing to take a pay cut. That in itself is a bargaining chip for Nnamdi. His agents can go to other teams and say Nnamdi wants to go to NY and is willing to take a pay cut, what do you have to offer? When teams hear this, they have no choice but to drive the price up and up. His guys will keep stringing us along, because as long as we are in the running, the price will be inflated to epic proportions. I think he has been looking for the biggest pay check all along, and that we are just a bargaining chip in the Nnamdi madness.