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Houston Texans to Sign Johnathan Joseph

Adam Schefter says the Texans are going to sign Jonathan Joseph.

Filed to ESPN: Texans reach agreement with former Bengals CB Johnathan Joseph on a five-year deal. Nnamdi to Jets looking more likely.

You might ask, "Why the heck should we care, John?" Here's why. The Texans were among the top competition for Nnamdi Asomugha. They might have been the top competition. Since they are going to spend money to bring in a presumably expensive player at the same position, one would only guess they are out of the Asomugha sweepstakes.

It might be a sign he has told them he is not going to Houston and is signing elsewhere instead. It might be a sign the Texans did not think they can land him. Either way, one top competitor being out of the race speaks good things for the chances of the New York Jets to land him and own the two best cornerbacks in the NFL.

If Nnamdi does not come, this probably would have been the best backup plan.