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Brad Smith to Buffalo

Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills will sign Brad Smith.

The Jets lost one of their free agents to a division opponent Thursday when multipurpose threat Brad Smith agreed to a four-year, $15 million deal with the Bills.

There was only so much money to go around, and Smith was more of a luxury. His contributions on gadget plays, in space, on returns, and on special teams coverage will be missed. Still, these things are not terribly difficult or expensive to replace. Mike Westhoff has seamlessly replaced a lot of talented special teamers through the years with his innovative blocking and coverage units. The Jets will probably do just that again and do so at a much more reasonable price.

I wish we wouldn't have to see him twice a year, but I'm also kind of floored that a rebuilding team would give a guy who is not an every down player that kind of money. Good for Brad, though. Fourth rounders don't make a ton of money. In his prime, this was his best chance to cash in and set himself up for life.

Thanks for the memories.