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What If We Don't Get Nnamdi?

I know it's a scary thing to think about, after all the energy and time that has gone into signing him. It's still something we should all be thinking about. The Texans have a plethora of money to throw at him, and with no state income tax in Texas, he has a big incentive to say yes. We all hope he doesn't though. I know there is no way we would be able to sign anyone, and have them do what Nnamdi would do for us, but bear with me.

I feel we are going after Nnamdi because Rex wants to improve our secondary to a level that  hasn't been seen before. If we miss out on Aso, we wouldn't be improving it by just resigning Antonio Cromartie. We would have to think a little bigger. With the price of Cro being considerably cheaper than Nnamdi, we could then afford to pick up another solid CB to go with him. There are two guys that I have been very impressed with that would be solid CBs for us. One is Richard Marshall from Carolina, and Chris Carr from the Ravens. I have these guys at almost the same level as Cromartie, but probably won't demand as much money. To have either of them as a number 3 CB would be almost as deadly as having a Nnamdi.

It might even work more to our advantage to go about things that way. Even with Nnamdi, we would still have a problem with tight ends, and running backs out of the backfield. With a lack of depth behind Nnamdi and Revis, we wouldn't be able to do much to stop them. Of course we could use the same strategy that we used against the Colts and the Pats, but how long until those two teams find a way through that. The only way to make sure the enemy doesn't figure out how to stop you, is to always be changing. With one elite CB in Revis, and two top tier CBs behind him. Our secondary could be just as dominant as with Nnamdi.