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Is There Any Hope for a Braylon Edwards Return?

Things are not looking good as far as a Braylon Edwards return goes. I get the impression Braylon wants to be back in New York, but the Jets do not view him as a top priority. Is there any chance of him coming back?

There probably is. There has to be a price at which the Jets would want Braylon back. It is probably far cheaper than his market price, though. The team seems pretty clearly to want to spend big on Santonio Holmes and a cornerback.

The best bet would probably be a one year "prove it" contract. Edwards would take less to stay with the Jets and get a chance to put up a second straight big year to eliminate the underachiever tag and try and rebuild an image that has taken a hit in some circles after a messy departure from Cleveland and the legal issues from both Cleveland and New York.

I'm not sure this would happen. Braylon is one of the best receivers on the market. With Holmes and Sidney Rice locked up, he might be the top guy available. He can already make a boat load of cash even with the aforementioned issues.

This is probably going to come down to a decision of whether Braylon wants to make a lot of money or whether he wants to be a Jet. This isn't a Santonio Holmes type decision where he will take a little less but still make money hand over fist. This is why I've been skeptical of talks of hometown discounts. It's one thing to want to stay with a team in the abstract. When another is offering substantially more, things change. I would expect Edwards to take the money, and I don't think anybody could fault him if he did.