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NFL Day 2 Roundup: What the Day's Action Means Going Forward

Exactly four days ago this very time, we were wondering if and when NFL teams were going to resume operations. Since that time, we've already seen some pretty crazy moves around the league. Thought I'd share my thoughts on a couple that piqued my interest. Not going to discuss moves from the Jets front as John and the GGN team did a great job earlier.

     Miami Dolphins:

  • RB Reggie Bush's (NO) strong possibility of taking his talents to South Beach doesn't worry me as a Jets homer. He's going to probably cost them roughly somewhere between $8.5 and $11 million for the upcoming season and he's already endured major injuries to his knees, leg --  he's damaged goods. It also means Dolphins would be revamping their offense as Bush is more of a scat back and would be taking on a completely different role than that of Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams. And the odds of Henne being the opening-day starter now are slim-to-none.  Which leads me to ...

    QB Kyle Orton (DEN), who, I think will end up taking his talents to South Beach, also. The Denver Broncos
    are cleaning house/starting from scratch right now and have already announced Orton is on the trading block. His agents and Miami GM Jeff Ireland spoke today according to reports. The QB free agency market is weak this year, and Orton is among one of the hottest commodities. I think he wants to take a shot in a warm weather city and he proceeds to fry in Fish Country.

    Washington Redskins:
  • Redskins got great value in agreeing to terms with CB Josh Wilson (BAL) , but picking up four receivers in two days is certainly an interesting strategy. Anyway, according to reports, Wilson would average $4.5 and $5.5 million per year, which I think is a steal.

    I was very high on Wilson and was hoping the Jets were going to consider him; as he was a viable option to fill the need at CB (releasing Cromartie) and save cap room to still re-sign both Edwards and Holmes. The speedy Josh Wilson loves to play physical so he fits our schemes, his coverage skills are excellent, and he can return kicks. It would be a little confusing with him on the outside and
    Kyle Wilson
    at nickel back, though, but so be it.

    Minnesota Vikings:
  • Minnesota and Washington likely agreeing to trade for QB Donovan McNabb shows the Vikings still haven't learned their lesson about veteran players. They were the oldest team in the NFL last season and finally were rid of internet photo legend Brett Favre, so they pursued another aged QB who often throws the ball directly into the ground when he faces pressure. Interesting. They will argue McNabb is being brought in to mentor draft pick Christian Ponder -- but he won't, he's not that type of player.
  • Also, losing WR Sidney Rice was a considerable loss and I think Vikings pursue WR Braylon Edwards as a result. WR Plaxico Burress was another option but looks like he is going to the NFC East (NYG or Philly). 

    Oakland Raiders:
  • I believe CB Nnamdi Asomugha (OAK) will continue negotiations with the many teams (NYJ, SF, HOU, BAL, DAL) that are interested in him through tomorrow evening; and will make his big announcement with his destination Friday morning and will sign Friday evening, when teams can officially sign other teams' free agents. 
  • NFC East teams have been uncharacteristically quiet thus far aside from Redskins signing a plethora of receivers. Obviously Philly will be making some noise soon as they're likely to move Kolb for DRC and a draft pick. 

    The Dallas Cowboys were roughly $16M over the salary cap until announcing the future releases of Barber, Williams, Colombo and Davis. Dallas has surprisingly been one of the teams that was very quiet this offseason, and watching them find a way to get under the cap so Jerry Jones can make his annual earth-shattering 'big signing of the offseason' will be interesting. They're quietly scheming.

    San Francisco is likely going to make an offer for Asomugha as they announced the release of CB Nate Clements. Aso really likes the Bay Area and maybe new HC Jim Harbaugh could convince him to stay awhile longer.

    Oh, and I wouldn't be surprised if Jets re-sign WR Braylon Edwards and/or CB Antonio Cromartie -- I would be completely shocked. I strongly believe both will be elsewhere in 2011-12.