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State of the Passing Game

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The resigning of Santonio Holmes clearly bolsters the passing game. Before that happened, Jerricho Cotchery and Patrick Turner were slated as starting receivers. How will things look now?

If the Jets make no additional moves, it might resemble the attack the team showed the first four games of 2010 with Holmes suspended. Dustin Keller might get more involved in short stuff. Holmes would take the Braylon Edwards deep threat role. Don't sell Santonio short. He was excellent in Pittsburgh in that role creating space for Hines Ward and Heath Miller. He led the league in yards per catch in 2007 and was improving. He finally broke out in 2009 with over a 1,200 yard campaign.

Holmes is a great fit for the offense in another way I haven't really mentioned. Mark Sanchez has a knack for keeping plays alive a long time with his feet. Holmes spent his career in Pittsburgh playing schoolyard football, breaking off routes and getting open with Ben Roethlisberger doing the same thing.

I would still like to see the Jets add another deep threat to compliment Holmes. My first choice is obviously Braylon Edwards, but I am not sure how realistic that is. Two deep threats are always better than one. because a duo prevents the safeties from cheating to one side.

I think you could take any one receiver off the Jets, and the offense would be fine because there was so much talent. Keeping the same number of talented receivers can help take it to the next level. If it's not Braylon, I hope some big name replaces him.