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San Diego Chargers Fans Are Upset With New York Jets

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Chargers fans are not thrilled with the Jets for giving Santonio Holmes a new contract. It goes beyond another AFC contender locking up an excellent receiver. SB Nation's Chargers blog, Bolts From the Blue, worries about the market it sets for Vincent Jackson.

Also worthy of note: Santonio Holmes just signed a 5-year contract with the Jets, worth $50 million and includes $24 million guaranteed. As you recall, this is the same contract that Vincent Jackson had been asking for from the Chargers. Granted, the Jets do like to spend money, albeit sometimes unwisely, but this sets the bar pretty high in Vincent Jackson's favor. He should be able to ask for something in the neighborhood of $70 million over 5-6 years without anyone really scoffing at this point. Unless Jackson has a career year this year for the Chargers and Philip Rivers throws in some of his own money, I just don't see AJ Smith even entertaining that kind of deal.

I'm not really sure I get the crack about the Jets spending unwisely. Most of their big ticket moves have worked.

At any rate, Jackson is represented by the dynamic Schwartz-Feinsod duo who brought you the Revis lockout so they certainly might look for a deal in that range. They might get it too. It's another benefit of the deal because I guess Santonio setting the market might entice a team to give out dumb money like that to Jackson. In reality, I don't think he's as good as Holmes. I'd take Santonio over him any day of the week. Braylon Edwards too. They're both more complete.v