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New York Jets With Interest in Randy Moss?

Jason LaCanfora says so:

After retaining Santonio Holmes, the Jets are far from certain that they’ll be able keep free-agent WR Braylon Edwards, and the team is lining up other options, including Randy Moss.

There has been contact between the sides. Rex Ryan can handle outspoken stars (see his years as an assistant with the Ravens with Ray Lewis), and there is mutual interest, according to league sources.

LaCanfora has been beating this drum since before the lockout ended. I cannot imagine this will be popular among a lot of people.

Moss does not have a long shelf life. I think for one year, though, he could end up being worth a look. His biggest years have been when he has been written off and is motivated. While clearly in decline, he still commands attention for a defense and can be a big play guy. If the Jets lose Braylon Edwards, they will need to find somebody to give them a deep threat opposite Santonio Holmes.