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LaDainian Tomlinson May Be Asked to Rework Contract; Bryan Thomas Will Not Be

Manish Mehta says the Jets could ask LaDainian Tomlinson to rework his contract but not Bryan Thomas.

I'd have to imagine Tomlinson would take whatever cut the team asked. He does not need the money. He has all of the numbers he needs too. He is here for one reason, to try and win a ring, the one thing missing from a storied career. Restructuring his deal instead of cutting him would be more ideal since the team could keep the luxury of a third down back who also happens to be the only capable pass protector in the backfield.

My question is whether he might give up his number 21 if the Jets are able to acquire a certain star cornerback who also wears the number.

I am sure Mike Tannenbaum knows how much money he needs, and that is why Thomas is safe.