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New York Jets Resign Nick Folk

Getty Images

Nick Folk is apparently coming back for another run with the Jets. The team resigned him today.

He’ll get a chance to add to his burgeoning legend in 2011. Folk’s agents tweeted that their client and the Jets agreed to terms on a one-year contract Wednesday. No financial terms have been disclosed at this point.

They must see something the rest of us are missing. He was inconsistent on field goals. He was inconsistent on kickoffs and will probably be a liability even with the new kickoff rules. The only other kicker on the roster is Nick "At Nite" Novak (that's actually his nickname). Novak's track record might be even less consistent than Folk's.

Tell me there is some undrafted free agent out there the Jets can bring in to compete for the job. I do not have anything against Folk personally. I am just really surprised and somewhat puzzled by the move.