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Braylon Edwards Doesn't Think New York Jets Want Him Back

Braylon Edwards tweeted today that he does not think the Jets want him back.

Shortly after 5 p.m., Edwards tweeted (since removed, but screen grab can be seen below) about how his future in New York seems unlikely.

"I would love to be a Jet but the feeling doesn't seem to be mutual with the management," Edwards tweeted.

It's tough not to feel bad for him. It couldn't have been fun being in court, and I get the feeling he really loves being a Jet. It's also difficult to not get the impression that he's wrong. Management ran to give Santonio Holmes a big deal. If you've been paying attention to reports starting during the season, it sounded like the team was set on making Holmes the priority. While I didn't disagree with the team's thinking, it can't be easier on Braylon. With that said, this kind of tweet probably won't endear him to management any further. He made the right move pulling it.

Braylon does have nice things to say to his friends and fans on his Twitter page.