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Report: David Harris May Get Locked Up Long Term This Week

Manish Mehta tweets that David Harris may get a long term deal this week.

I've been told will work towards signing LB David Harris to a long-term deal next week. Harris has signed his franchise tender

This is win win for the Jets. In one swoop, they would lock up one of the game's best and most underappreciated players and create more salary cap space for the immediate future. Last year, he was the only member of the core four homegrown players to not get a new deal. You never heard a word of complaint from him, though. He just went out, waited his turn, and had a great season.

I am not sure many guys are more worthy of getting taken care of. I am happy to see David get his money and look forward to seeing him snuff out running plays wearing green and white for many years to come.