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Holmes Contract Opens Door for Nnamdi

Mike Tannenbuam is a God living among mere mortals. He is a magician with the salary cap, plain and simple. He has structured Holmes's big, $50 million contract so that only about $2.5 million of it will go against the 2011 cap. 

They are also asking LaDainian Tomlinson to re-do his contract to open even more room. 

It is now clear that the Jets want Nnamdi, and are serious about it. Signs point to New York being a desirable destination for Asomugha, between playing with Revis and playing for Rex in the bright lights of New York City, where he can kick-start his acting career. 

Oh, and the Jets have come within a game of the Superbowl the past two seasons, while Nnamdi has never tasted postseason play. In fact, before the 2010 season, none of his teams have won more than five games. 

This is all adding up, people. Unless a team like San Franscisco ponys up huge cash, this is looking more and more like a reality.

Oh, and someone clean up Crackback's drool off the ground, please.