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Santonio Holmes Agrees to Contract With New York Jets

The Jets have agreed
to terms for a new contract with Santonio Holmes.

After the Jets made an offer yesterday evening, Holmes has agreed to re-sign with the team, per a person informed of the move. That person requested anonymity because the move cannot be made official until Friday.

I had heard during the year that the Jets felt like Holmes had straightened up his life. I think this proves it. There is no way they would give him a big extension if the ex-FBI agent who does their background checks felt there was a big risk.

Suffice it to say, I am very happy with this move. I think Holmes is a really complete receiver. You can't take him away. Even if you double him on deep stuff with safety help, he can get open underneath with his crisp routes. He is also so clutch and Mark Sanchez's new favorite target.

Whether this is the end of Braylon Edwards in New York depends on a few things, but I thought resigning at least one of the two was a necessity.