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Brad Smith Talks

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Brad Smith spoke on Sirius Radio according to Manish Metha to provide an update on where things stand with the Jets.



Brad Smith (via Sirius) says he's talked to & others. "We’re kind of in holding pattern right now. I just don't know right now."


If all things were equal, I would imagine Brad's first choice would be to come back. He is in the prime of his career, though. He has not made life changing money. This could be his best chance.

The Jets are going to have to make some difficult choices. There are cornerstone guys who are free agents. I think Brad is more of a luxury so it might be tough to keep him around. Through the years, the Jets have let quality kickoff return men like Chad Morton, Justin Miller, and Leon Washington go. They have always recovered because of Mike Westhoff's blocking schemes. A new guy just gets plugged in.

The Bears, Patriots, and Giants are reportedly among Smith's many suitors.