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New York Jets Contacted Antonio Cromartie Tuesday

With everything going on, it flew under the radar, but the Jets spoke with Antonio Cromartie yesterday.

braintrust (front office and coaching staff) reached out to Antonio Cromartie today to let them know that they want him back.

That makes it somewhat clear the front office was just exploring things with Nnamdi Asomugha just in case he was really, really interested in coming to New York. It can't hurt. Cromartie probably is not making a move until Asomugha ends up somewhere. Nnamdi is going to set the market with a ridiculous contract. Cromartie will then be in position to cash in for a slightly less ridiculous deal.

Teams probably won't want to set the market either. Why go all out to land Cromartie without knowing whether that money might be sufficient to land Asomugha, who is a vastly superior and more consistent cover guy. It seems like the Jets really want to make corner a priority.