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New York Jets Contacted More of Their Own Free Agents

Rich Cimini reports the Jets were in touch with some of their other free agents today.

Also Tuesday, the Jets contacted many of their own free agents, including wide receiver Braylon Edwards, safety Eric Smith, defensive end Shaun Ellis and wide receiver Brad Smith. Smith is drawing interest from several teams.

I do not get the impression any of these guys is really a top priority. We have heard Edwards might be viewed as a backup plan at receiver, and Cimini notes that negotiations with Santonio Holmes are picking up the pace. Even so, it is good to touch base. Every one of these guys is a good player. Even if they are the backup plans, it is good to lay the groundwork for something in case things fall through.

At this point, I would guess Eric Smith is the only one from this group better than even money to return. That is in part because the Jets only have Jim Leonhard and Dwight Lowery under contract as veterans at the position. If the Holmes negotiations fail, though, an Edwards return would become a near certainty.