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New York Jets Contact Santonio Holmes

Mike Tannenbaum and the Jets are not wasting any time getting busy in the free agency period. The team was the first to get in touch with free agent wide receiver Santonio Holmes.

"The first conversation was with the Jets followed by two other clubs," Segal said, declining to identify the other teams.

I would expect the Jets to move quickly on any free agent they prioritize. Mike Tannenbaum usually likes to lock guys up before other teams have a real chance. Reports have indicated Holmes will be a top priority, but who can say for sure? I suppose we will find out soon how much the team really values all of its free agents.

The Washington Redskins were reportedly one of the other teams to get in touch with Holmes' representation. They seem apt to try and add a big play wide receiver so I would not be surprised to see them also kick the tires on Braylon Edwards. We could see a showdown between the wise big spending team against the foolish big spending team on one of if not both wideouts.