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Free Agent the New York Jets Might Pursue: Chansi Stuckey

If the Jets lost either Santonio Holmes or Braylon Edwards, they might replace either by signing a receiver to play outside. The other option would be to move Jerricho Cotchery back into a starting spot and signing somebody to man the slot. An affordable option might be a former Jet, Chansi Stuckey.

Stuckey was taken by the Jets in the 2007 Draft. He spent his rookie year sitting out hurt. He saw action in 2008 and early 2009 before being traded to Cleveland as part of the package for Braylon Edwards. Stuckey is quick and has three straight 30 catch seasons. He posted a career high 40 receptions. At times, he can find a big hole in a defense and make some big plays. He has a tendency for Week 1 touchdown catches down the middle of the field.

In some ways, Stuckey would make a lot of sense. He would be cheap. He also would give Jeremy Kerley some time to develop and then potentially step aside. I do not think he would be the worst guy to pursue. I just would not get excited either. Was there ever a time in the past two years where you said, "Man, I really wish the Jets still had Chansi Stuckey?" While he was here, the quality of receiver play was an issue. Does anybody for a second regret trading him for Braylon?

With that said, he could potentially get a look.