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Free Agent the New York Jets Might Pursue: Ike Taylor

If the Jets do not yet trust Kyle Wilson to take a starting role, they will probably need to make a free agent signing. One clear possibility is Antonio Cromartie. There are other options out there, though. One is Pittsburgh's Ike Taylor.

Taylor is 31 years old. He has a rigorous training regime that might help him stay healthy as he ages. Taylor's game is interestingly different from Cromartie's. Taylor is physical. He is good against the run. He is not necessarily the fastest guy running yard for yard against fast guys. He is good in run support but drops a lot of interceptions. In other words, he is effective in ways totally different from the way Cromartie is. Cro tended to take vertical threats in 2010 and left the more physical underneath targets to Darrelle Revis. If the Jets signed Taylor, the situations would likely be reversed.

Taylor might be out of the Jets' price range. He is a good corner looking for a payday. I would imagine the Jets would at least explore things with him. The Steelers do play a lot more zone than the Jets, but Taylor is a good cover guy. Signing him would have the added benefit of taking the only above average corner off another AFC contender.