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Mark Sanchez Might Not Be Able to Restructure Contract

We have for a while assumed the Jets would be able to restructure Mark Sanchez's contract to clear salary cap space. David Canter, an agent who represents over a dozen clients in the NFL, including Lance Laury of the Jets, tweets tonight that might not be possible.

No renegotiations for rookies that are drafted until after their third NFL season

Sanchez only has two NFL seasons. If this is true, and there is not a one time loophole, that complicates matters for the Jets, who are at the cusp of the cap. This seemed like one of the team's two bullets along with giving David Harris a long term deal. Now this might not even be possible.

Do not fret. Mike Tannenbaum is one of the most thorough and creative general managers in the league. If anybody can make the right moves, it is him. There are other options out there. Some guys whose contributions are marginal relative to their salaries can be restructured or released. Cutting Bryan Thomas, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Mark Brunell alone would clear up $8 million.