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New York Jets Will Pay Employees Wages Lost During NFL Lockout

As noted by jetsbill in the FanPosts, the Jets announced today that they will pay back wages to employees who had to either take a reduced salary or were furloughed during the lockout.

"At the beginning, we realized that asking people to take 25 percent pay cuts at this time would be a tremendous hardship. It was a shared sacrifice in a period where we had unknown financial conditions," Johnson said, according to the team's website. "I don't think anybody was happy about it. I wasn't happy that I had to ask people to do this. But now that the agreement is in place, we're living up to our end of the bargain, and we're all moving forward."

That's really nice, but it begs a very important question. Why on earth were these people's lives turned upside down? If the team has enough money to pay them now, why could these people have not stayed on the job?