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Free Agent the New York Jets Might Pursue: Malcom Floyd

Since it looks like a free agent frenzy is about to begin, I am going to take a look at certain players the Jets could conceivably have interest in to fill needs. We touched on some of the bigger names extensively much earlier in the offseason. These will generally be shorter capsules. The first guy will be San Diego wide receiver Malcom Floyd.

Malcom Floyd is scheduled to be a free agent. The San Diego wide receiver is 6'5" and 225 pounds. He has posted over 700 receiving yards the past two years and had a career high 6 touchdowns in 2010. He is a vertical threat after posting an average of over 19 yards per catch in 2010 and over 17 per catch in 2009. Like other San Diego receivers, he is not a deep threat because of burning speed. He is a guy with great leaping ability who goes up and gets the ball. For a guy of his size, he probably should be a better run blocker.

I think Floyd is a capable starter and a threat to stretch the field who demands attention. He also has a tough time staying on the field. 2009 was the only year of his six year career where he played 16 games. It is worth noting that in a 213 yard performance this year against Oakland, he posted 118 of those yards against Nnamdi Asomugha and Stanford Routt.

He stepped up early in the year in the absence of Vincent Jackson. His numbers before Jackson arrived prorate to over 1,200 yards. It was good to see him step up when a high powered passing attack relied upon him.

The Jets might have interest in the Braylon Edwards leaves scenario. Floyd is not as fast, but he can provide a deep threat for the defense to account for. He might be a cheaper alternative.