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Jason Taylor Says He Is Playing in 2011

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Jason Taylor says he is not ready to retire and that he might be open to a return to the Dolphins.

"I appreciate the interest and the concern if there is any," Taylor said at the charity golf outing for Zo’s Summer Groove at Turnberry Isle. "No ships have sailed, no bridges have been burned. There’s nothing to do right now. I’m going to play this year, if there’s a season, and I think there will be. … Until this thing works itself out, I’m playing golf."

Bill Parcells is gone now, but would the Dolphins have any interest? They did not last year, when Taylor was coming off a better season than he produced with the Jets. It seemed like the Jets were really the only team with any interest.

Would you be open to a Taylor return? I probably would be at the right price, especially if the Jets had to cut Bryan Thomas for salary cap reasons and could not find a relatively cheap young guy in free agency.