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Braylon Edwards Pleads Guilty to DWI

Braylon Edwards pleaded guilty to the DWI charge for which he was arrested last fall.

As part of the agreement with the court, his case will be closed without jail time or probation if he pays a $500 fine. He must continue in an NFL alcohol counseling program that he's been in since November.

He also gets a six-month driver's license suspension.


He was on probation in Ohio at the time of his DWI arrest. The guilty finding in New York could trigger a violation, with a possible $1,000 fine and six-month jail term.

The league will probably have something to say about this. The league isn't totally consistent with things like this, but my gut feeling is that this probably will not result in a suspension.

Edwards' legal problems might scare some potential suitors off, but free agency tends to lead to guys getting enormous offers regardless. It only takes one team.