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State of the New York Jets Roster, Inside Linebackers

Our look at the roster continues now with inside linebackers. To remember our rating system, click here.

David Harris (1-A)

Some might argue that Harris does not belong here because he is not that good dropping into coverage. Inside linebackers tend in the 3-4 to be bigger and less mobile. They are built bigger to compensate for less linemen and play the run. With an extra linebacker, they are responsible for less against the pass than in the 4-3. At the end of the day,  I think Daveis so good against the run getting off blocks and getting to the ball carrier that I have no problem putting him in the top tier. He is also a pretty good blitzer.

Bart Scott (2-B)

Scott is a polarizing guy. Some say he is at the Harris level. Others think he is vastly overrated. I think he is a very good player. He does not put up huge numbers, but stats do not tell the whole story. He rarely gets wiped out of plays and eliminates running lanes. He always tends to be around the football. He also frequently does the dirty work to blow plays up. I don't think he's quite on Harris' level as a run stopper, but he is close. He has declined a bit in coverage from where he was in Baltimore.

Lance Laury (3-E)

I am not sure how good he would be in a full time defensive role, but he earns his roster spot through excellent special teams work.

Josh Mauga (3-D)

He's young. He's contributed on special teams. Can he become a player at linebacker?

Brashton Satele (3-D)

He showed some promise but not enough to make the team last year. Now he has another chance.

Brian Toal (4-F)

A New Jersey high school legend and the only current Jet who I took a college class with, I feel like Toal is a bit too small and not strong enough to succeed in the Jets' scheme. I think his best chance to make it as a pro might be as a fullback. He was great in high school and saw spot duty there in college. This might not be the right place for that.

Joe LaRocque (4-F)

He has bounced around the pros since 2008 with stints in Chicago and the UFL.