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DeMaurice Smith Says No Deal Is in Place

While the owners voted tonight to accept a new CBA, Yahoo Sports reports that  DeMaurice Smith says there are still issues to be worked out in an e-mail it obtained from Smith.

As you may have heard, they apparently approved a supplemental revenue sharing proposal.  Obviously, we have not been a part of those discussions. 

As you know from yesterday, issues that need to be collectively bargained remain open, other issues such as workers compensation, economic issues and end of deal terms remain unresolved.  

There is no agreement between the NFL and the Players at this time.  I look forward to our call tonight."

The owners have made a brilliant PR move. Now if the players reject the deal, they will look like the bad guys. The truth is of course more complicated, but the technical facts are that the owners have voted to end the lockout. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.