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Owners Approve New CBA

Owners took a major step to ending the lockout today by voting to approve a the new CBA proposal.

According to sources, owners voted 31-0 to accept the proposed 10-year collective bargaining agreement, with the Oakland Raiders abstaining. Sources told's John Clayton that the owners have notified the players they would accept this deal contingent on all union matters being resolved next week, and the players' association being reconstituted as a union.

The likely start of training camps is estimated to be Aug. 1, sources said.

The lockout will be over if the players also vote to accept it. Without knowing the specifics, it is difficult to say how good this deal is for both sides. The pressure from a PR standpoint is now all on the players. They will be blamed for the lockout continuing if they vote this thing down. This would be a nice present to end a brutally hot day in the New York area.