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Jeffrey Kessler Needs to Step Aside

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originally wrote this for my other site, but I wanted to get this out to as many people as I can.

At the time of this writing, the NFL and NFLPA are potentially hours away from signing the piece of paper that will trigger the start of the 2011 season. Perhaps by the time you read this, the deal may already be done, no thanks to the NFLPA's legal representation, Jeffrey Kessler.

It is Kessler's agenda to do anything he can to put an agreement on hold. Why? Because he is a lawyer and lawyers are paid for how long they work. The longer the lockout looms, the more money Kessler pockets for himself.

Kessler has been whining that it will take a long time for the union to recertify. The NFL lawyers responded with a step-by-step outline of the not-so-complicated process. Kessler will stop at almost nothing to stop a deal from getting done, no matter how much of a fool he looks like.

This deal he is preventing will put people back to work. It will give the assistant coaches their salaries back. The sales clerk will go back to his or her full work schedule. The undrafted free agent will find out what part of the country he has to move his life to. These are real people who make a small fraction of what Kessler makes, real people whose lives have been in limbo through this whole mess. Yes, this whole process has been frustrating for NFL fans, but these people have suffered financial and emotional stress because of greed of others outside their control.

Kessler simply does not care. This is not just about being able to watching football on Sundays, this is about caring for your fellow man.

Think about it: Kessler is willing to keep people out of jobs and lose salary so he can pocket some more he doesn't need. He is taking money out of kid's college funds. He is forcing undrafted free agents to look for other ways to support their families.

Kessler's actions are nothing less than heartless, exposing his greed to be on another level entirely. This is no longer just about football, this is about human decency, realizing when it time to sit down and shut up and allow the inevitable completion of this CBA to commence.