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Jets Hire Tom Moore as Offensive Consultant

Tom Moore, the longtime offensive coordinator with the Colts over the past decade, has been hired by the Jets as an offensive consultant. Moore has been working with the Jets for a little while now, so this isn't exactly shocking news.

Moore split with the Colts after an issue with his pension; he was brought back as an offensive consultant for the 2010 season. 

Still, Brian Schottenheimer has to start feeling his seat getting a little warmer. yes, his quarterback is young, but the rest of the offense is so immensely talented that the inability to score early and in the red zone are hard to excuse. I don't expect Moore to take the job over, but I'm sure Brian can learn a lot from Moore. 

Either way, I'm will be really refreshing to just hear another man's opinions in those offensive meetings, especially from such a proven mind. Of course, Moore has had the privilege of working with Peyton Manning, but perhaps Manning wouldn't be quite the player he is today without Moore.