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The Top 15 Players of the Rex Ryan Era, #11: Antonio Cromartie

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My hint last time was way too easy, because most of you guessed it right. Cromartie is not only the fastest player on the team, he may be the most athletically gifted player on the team. 

Usually, guys like Cromartie end up being wide receivers. Cromartie, however, has excelled as a corner under Rex, mostly because of his man-heavy schemes. 

In the season opener, Cromartie had moments that drove the coaches absolutely insane, reverting to his old techniques that got him run out of San Diego. Since that game, Antonio steadily improved every game, which helped make up for the loss of Darrelle Revis to injury. He blanketed Randy Moss in week 2 and week 5 in performances that allowed the Jets to win crucial games to maintain their presence in the AFC east. He had a huge return in the Colts playoff game to help win the game.

I hope Cromartie stays, but these days, uncertainty rules. He certainly made his stock rise wit his impressive 2010 season. 

Hint for #10: This player's career started in Arizona.