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Players and Owners Drifting Apart?

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After recent reports the two sides were getting close to an agreement to end the lockout, pessimism seems to be returning.

Optimism is waning after four consecutive days of negotiations between NFL owners and players and was described as trending "backwards," player sources told ESPN.

Player sources said owners have reneged on a simplified formula that would have given players 48 percent of all revenue.

Player sources reaffirmed a setback in talks occurred when owners last week went "retro" on the formula that will divide the estimated $9.3 billion in annual revenue. The players believed the two sides had reached an understanding on a simplified formula in which they would receive 48 percent of revenue. Sources say owners reintroduced their previous formula by asking for $400 million to $500 million in expenses as credit off the top.

Fantastic. Despite how irritating these two sides have been, fans have not really lost anything as a result of this lockout. We are starting to get close to the point where that will change if this does not get resolved soon..