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Flight Connections 07-02-11


The owners are players won't resume negotiating until after the holiday.

Hopefully, the owners and players can agree without the courts being involved.

CB Kyle Wilson is a potential second-year impact player.

Jets Twit reports on WR Brad Smith's fishing trip.

Make sure you check out viguy007's football fix articles:

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Former Bengals C Dave Rimington remembers starting a foundation with former Bengals and Jets QB Boomer Esiason.

Former Jets DB Rashad Washington will be helping out at a football camp in the Kansas City area.

Jets fans competed for a chance to sing the national anthem.

This betting site uses the Jets at Colts playoff game to explain "yards per point".

Jets Flight Deck7 moves the Jets must make.


QB Mark Sanchez fights fire after the jump.

His dad is a firefighter, so it's pretty cool that he's doing this:


Watch former Jets QB Chad Pennington playing for Marshall in 1997.  This is part one:

You can see how the rest of the game went on YouTube.  Click the YouTube icon on the video and it will take you to the YouTube page of the uploader.