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Antonio Cromartie Says No Hometown Discount for New York Jets

Antonio Cromarite said today the Jets are not going to get him at a discounted price.

"I would love to be a Jet at the end of day, but I also want to go out and see what the market is, see what the value is," Cromartie told hosts Adam Schein and Rich Gannon on SiriusXM NFL Radio this morning. "To me there's no such thing as (a) hometown discount; I'm not giving anybody (a) hometown discount. I'm definitely going to see what the organization says, and then also let them know that I would like to go out and test the market and see what my value is."

I do not really view this as news. There are not many guys out there who are going to take a drastically reduced salary when push comes to shove, even those who tell the press they will. Eventually they will hit the market and get a big deal thrown at them. There's nothing wrong with that either. It is how these guys can set themselves up financially for life. Cromartie has a number of kids to take care of. Remember, the Jets had to front him half a million dollars last year for back child support.