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State of the New York Jets Roster, Nose Tackles

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We continue our evaluation of the current roster. Now we move to nose tackles. Click here for a refresher on the rating system.

Sione Pouha (2-B)

Pouha does not penetrate like Kris Jenkins. He does not diagnose plays in front of him and get to the ball like Vince Wilfork. What he does is consistently tie up two blockers and hold firm at the point of attack to prevent those guys from getting to his linebackers. He might not come with a bunch of frills, but Pouha handles one of the most important positions on the team extremely well. The way he has stepped up helped the team overcome Kris Jenkins' injuries.

Kenrick Ellis (3-D)

Ellis did not fall to the end of the third round because of a lack of talent. If the Draft was based solely on talent, he might have gone off the board before Phil Taylor. Ellis' issues have mainly been off the field and forced him to depart from his original school, the University of South Carolina. On the field, there are no issues. He absolutely dominated the competition at Hampton. There are only so many 330 pound men in the world as athletic as he is. If he can keep his nose clean, he might well go down as the steal of the 2011 Draft.

Martin Tevaseu (3-D)

Considering he is no lock to make the team, this rating might seem a tad high. The Jets activated him for the AFC Championship Game and gave him snaps, where he looked pretty good, though. That has to count for something, right?