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Sanchez on Sanchez

Mark Sanchez sat down with Steve Serby for an interview that was printed yesterday. He talked about how he needs to improve.

Q: How much better do you have to play for this team to win a Super Bowl?

A: In the playoffs I've played well. I think it's being consistent in the regular season ... just getting a couple more easy completions a game that I've let slip away. Maybe during the regular season those little completions can help. ... [My] completion percentage should be higher, I think ... getting completions early. ... It's about getting off to a good start. You look at all the guys that throw 70-plus percent -- [Drew] Brees, [Peyton] Manning, [Tom] Brady -- and they start off the game 6-for-7. They don't start off 2-for-8, and then have to play catchup the whole game. So I think that's been something I've identified just in watching film this offseason.

Sanchez's biggest problem has tended to be that when he has been off, he has been horrid. He has the defense and the run game surrounding him that he does not have to be a ton. It would not have taken even average quarterbacking performances in games against Baltimore, Green Bay, and Miami last year for the Jets to have won those games and potentially have gone 14-2. Even an incremental improvement from Sanchez could take this team to another level.

We have seen the highs, which indicate he is going to be top notch once everything clicks.